So what's the story?

Is it really B i l a n d?

Chapter 2: The Transformation
During my gap year before starting my undergrad at National University of Singapore (NUS), I joined Mastermind School as a 9th grade bio teacher, and it changed my life forever. I finally found my secret talent- teaching bio. I wanted everyone to understand that biology isn’t about memorizing at all, it’s about simply understanding and putting puzzle pieces together that make sense. It took a few months but the class completely transformed. They all starting loving bio. Even the C grade students started getting As and I couldn’t believe I would have to stop the progress because the end was near.

Chapter 4: The Holidays
Even though university started, I didn’t wanna stop. Every holiday, I’d return and continue teaching in my big living room which then become too small as the population of students started to increase exponentially. I had to take multiple batches, which meant more time teaching, sometimes from 8 am to 8 pm straight. And I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! They were the best holidays of my life.

Chapter 1: The Epiphany
I always used to wonder how come all my classmates thought biology was all about ‘memorization’ and ‘it was hard’ and ‘pointless’, and apparently so did all the parents. I wondered why there aren’t university programs like Neuroscience or life sciences in Bangladesh. And then I realized why: High school bio teachers really ‘suck’.

Chapter 3: The Genesis
So, I decided not to stop. They wanted me to finish the syllabus; so many things were left to explore. And they suggested I should start teaching outside school. Not on the streets, but at my home. I turned the living room into a giant classroom. And formed my own little world, where I could safely teach all day, every day. I will teach O level bio, human bio and special extra classes for Biology Olympiad.

Chapter 5: The Triumph
Results rolled in, and thankfully most of them achieved A*s and a few As. Everyone did remarkably. It was record breaking success in biology results in the history of Mastermind. But what I was most jubilant about was the fact that most of them decided to take biology in A levels and even major in biosciences at uni. They ACTUALLY stopped seeing bio as this boring, undefeatable monster, and started seeing the breathtakingly ethereal beauty as it was.

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So this is our small cast/crew! Cool people! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Debpriya Das
Schwarzman Scholar '21
Arnab Chakraborty
Teaching Assistant
McGill University '22
Maeesha Naomi
Teaching Assistant
Mount Holyoke College '24
Shuli Das
Operational Manager
Awesome as always!